The only thing that should take your focus off the trail is the staggering depth of nature surrounding you. The only reason you need to stop on the side of the road is to marvel at the places your bike has taken you and the miles you still have left to go. Revin Cycling was born from a desire to create riding experiences that are free of mechanical distractions. Every Revin product is sourced to exacting performance standards, pairing new technologies with trusted industry standards, all of which is built on decades of shared cycling experience.

At Revin, we strive to be more than just another option to consider when looking to improve your cycling experience. We live and breathe bikes and strive to pull the best performance out of them, because we know that when our machines are working their best, the ride transcends the norm and approaches perfection. At Revin we love when our bikes respond to every movement predictably, when climbs flatten, making every pedal stroke seem effortless and new descents bring a renewed sense of confidence. We live for those rides. Revin was built from the desire to find components that inspire those moments. We pursue the creation of components that help us escape the ordinary day to day from that first pedal out the door to the last climb on the way home. Put simply, it’s our mission to source the best bicycle components in the world.

The Revin team is comprised of lifelong cyclists with decades of bicycle retail and product sourcing experience. Because of our unique position in the industry, Revin Cycling has access to some of the world’s premier manufacturing facilities in Asia. Products are built to our team’s specifications and meticulously tested in the real world, at the factory, and through our independent test partner ACT labs, one of the most highly regarded bicycle component test labs. We only partner with manufacturers that have a long and proven track record of building premium components. These partnerships give us the confidence to say that Revin Cycling has some of the best bicycle components in the world; offering premium upgrades for the discerning rider.

Revin wheels deliver an experience and build quality that stands shoulder to shoulder with the best on the market. We are confident that when you dig further and compare our wheels side by side with the finest wheels out there that it’ll be easy to see why we feel so confident. We carefully consider every detail of the Revin experience. From initial design, to the opening of the box when your parts arrive, to a generous warranty that will ensure you’re all smiles miles down the journey, we’re here for you beginning to end and along for the ride no matter where or how you decide to pedal.

A life lived outdoors invites the unexpected. Revin cycling components are built to perform, persevere, and take in the scenery--no matter the conditions.



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