The team here at Revin Cycling is a passionate bunch and we want to get cyclists of all backgrounds stoked on our components. We realize premium cycling products are an investment and we want to help our customers feel secure in buying Revin components. We have a rigorous testing and quality control plan, but in the event that there is a failure we offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects as well as a generous crash replacement policy.

What does “manufacturer defects” mean? It means, if your wheels fail because of a flaw in the way the wheel was manufactured we will replace the damaged parts at no cost to you. We will want to take a look at the effected wheel. Revin Cycling will generate a call tag and ask you to carefully package the wheel and use the call tag to ship the wheel back to Revin Cycling. We will then inspect the wheel so that we can determine the cause of the failure.

If you break your wheels and it is determined that it was not a manufacturer defect, we want to make sure that your investment is protected so we offer a generous crash replacement program. Revin Cycling will offer replacement parts and labor at a steep discount off of their respective retail prices. The Revin Cycling crash replacement policy is also available for as long as you, the original purchaser, owns the wheels. We want you to ride often, have fun and not have to worry about your wheels. Hopefully you don’t ever have a breakdown, but in the rare event that happens we’ll find a way to get you back out pedaling.

In the event that you need to get in touch about a warranty claim, please use the contact form below: